The promoter of this show sent us this request in June 2017:

"The only site that we actually send our dates to is (EDITED) because we pay them to add them. (EDITED) updates them on a regular basis just by going to our site if you are going to list our dates at all please list them as verified and I will update you as we add new ones. The description you have listed for not verified makes our business look bad, so if you are not going to list them as not verified please do not list them at all..."

We want to list all shows, even if it is a partial listing just so you will know a show might be taking place at the city / date listed.

The promoter of these particular shows asked that we not list his shows as "NOT VERIFIED" because it makes him look bad.  However, during the past couple of years we have tried to work with him by listings his shows for free, as verified after he told us we had listed them correctly. Unfortunately, we would later find out he had cancelled, added or changed shows without letting us know.  Yes, the email above says we will be updated when new shows are added - past emails have also said that - but we don't receive those emails about changes. So we accept, this promoter doesn't want to work with us. We also will no longer risk listing his shows as verified when we know he may change them and never let us know (because he thinks no one will even see our site, just like you aren't reading this).

We attempt to list all gun shows - even when a promoter makes it difficult. So while we believe the dates we have listed for his shows are correct - and we believe admission is $9 per person to get in, we are only listing the date / city / state these shows are possibly taking place at (subject to change).

If you want to risk wasting gas and time to attend one of his shows - I am sure the dealers would love for you to show up. While you are there, you might ask this promoter to re-consider working with us. Feel really daring and brave - then ask this promoter to give you a discounted admission price even though you somehow found out about his shows from us instead of elsewhere - since he thinks no one ever sees our website anyway.  Maybe you can show him our webpage on your phone so he will realize we do exist and people do see this site.  And if you are a vendor at these shows - just know the promoter doesn't aggressively advertise (because when you turn away free advertising I guess its because you don't want even one more potential customer showing up?)    

Sorry, if you feel that reading the above wasted your time - its still less time than you would waste driving to a show that has been cancelled without you knowing about it.  And its also better than us listing more information about shows that might be cancelled without notice - and then people upset with us for listing a show that was cancelled by a promoter who won't work with us. As frustrating as it is sometimes, we continue trying to get promoters to simply work with us to make this better for us all. This promoter only works with those he pays to list his shows he says - so we hope he will send us a check and show list, because since he doesn't want free advertising, we will be glad to play by his rules and let him pay us instead, but we will still want to know about show changes and cancellations so we can update our site. He is right in one way though, it seems promoters do seem to care more about the advertising they pay for than free advertising - and we realized, emailing and asking them to work with us and offering free services means nothing if they are unable to realize we offer benefits to them and can actually help them make more money, then they seem to have time for us.

Thank you to all who do support us in trying to provide more complete lists of shows in your area, and trying to not list shows that are cancelled without notice (without letting you know they sometimes do that).

We knew some promoters would not like being held accountable, and wouldn't like being asked to always let us know when they cancel or change shows so we can immediately update our website. They might not want to waste their time emailing us, but must think its ok for you to waste your time and gas when they cancel a show and don't let you know.

Please support and attend those other shows listed at - the ones who work with us to try to make sure you don't drive to a cancelled show.

NOT VERIFIED is the marking we place when we are afraid a promoter may cancel their show without notice to us - and we would rather list it as NOT VERIFIED than have you drive to a show that isn't taking place. 
In an attempt to list as many gun shows as possible, we sometimes obtain show information from sources other than the promoter, we often add those shows but list them as NOT VERIFIED until we can get the promoter to visit our site and confirm we have their show information listed correctly. When we email promoters asking them to let us know if their shows are listed correctly - and they won't take the time to do that - we would rather leave those listings as NOT VERIFIED than risk the public driving to a show that has been CANCELLED WITHOUT NOTICE to us or our website visitors.


While shows marked as NOT VERIFIED may take place, we don't want to list them as verified because we are not confident that the promoter of that show will notify us if the show is rescheduled or cancelled - because they have not notified us of previously cancelled or rescheduled shows, have not taken time to let us know their shows are listed correctly here when we have periodically emailed to ask, or we have not been able to create a reliable working / communicating relationship with them.
PROMOTERS: remember, we list basic show information for FREE, we only need you to let us know our listings are correct and that you will communicate with us about your shows as needed in the future - when you don't take the time to do that, we become concerned that you will cancel shows and not let us know - and we would rather list your show as NOT VERIFIED than have one of our site visitors drive to your show and find out it was cancelled and no one told us. We want to become partners with promoters and work together to try to make sure our website visitors have the most accurate and current listing of gun shows in their area.
It costs nothing for a promoter to have their shows VERIFIED - they simply need to email us and be willing to work with us so we can keep you up-to-date on their show changes as soon as possible.

We gather information from many sources in an attempt to provide you with listings of all upcoming gun shows - conveniently here at one place. Unfortunately, sometimes shows are cancelled or changed and the show promoter does not tell us about this. We encourage all show promoters to visit this website and make sure their shows are listed correctly - but some promoters don't take the time to do that. If you know a gun show promoter, please encourage them to participate in our VERIFIED GUN SHOW! program.

Gun show promoters who participate in our VERIFIED GUN SHOW! program work closely with us to make sure the information listed about their shows here is correct, and they agree to notify us immediately with any show changes or cancellations.
Attend a VERIFIED GUN SHOW! with confidence and tell them you saw their shows listed here at

Verified Gun Show question

Verified Gun Shows are better attendedAvoid driving to a
cancelled gun show.

We want to be Colorado's
one-stop source for all upcoming
Colorado Gun Show

You can help us make this website better by asking gun show promoters to work with us to make sure we have their latest gun show information and also to notify us of any last minute changes so you don't waste time and money driving to a show that has been cancelled.

The note to the right of this is something you can print and take to a gun show that does not participate in our VERIFIED GUN SHOW! program - tell them this matters to you and ask them to participate in the VERIFIED GUN SHOW! program.

Click on the note on the right side of this screen and print and give it to a gun show promoter who has not verified their show here.


Gun Show Attendees: Attend shows with confidence!
If you have ever driven to a gun show - only to find out the show has been cancelled, rescheduled, or moved to another location - then you know why we created the VERIFIED GUN SHOW! program. Unfortunately billboard advertisements, newspaper ads and radio commercials often keep running even after a gun show has been cancelled or rescheduled. Many online websites also continue to list shows that have been rescheduled or cancelled. The VERIFIED GUN SHOW! program is different.
First, gun show organizers and promoters who participate in the
VERIFIED GUN SHOW! program check our listings of their shows to make sure the information given is accurate on our websites (many other websites don't do this). Secondly, and more important - VERIFIED GUN SHOW! participants are contacted by us just prior to their actual event taking place so that we can verify from them that the show is being setup and doors will open as advertised with us.
Gun show attendees are encouraged to visit our site regularly to watch for shows scheduled for their area, and also check the site again the day before or day of the show to make sure the show is still taking place as planned. This saves gun show attendees time and gas, and allows you to make plans and attend shows with more confidence.
VERIFIED GUN SHOW! websites are also mobile-friendly, perfect for checking while on the go! We also hope you will tell us know how to serve you, the gun buying public better. Your feedback, comments, and suggestions matter! Please scroll down to see a list of states we are currently serving, and watch for more states to be added in the future.
Gun Show Exhibitors and Dealers: More Buyers!
We know what it is like to setup at a poorly advertised show and later find out the public was confused by advertising or afraid the show might have been cancelled so decided to not show up at all. Dealers need customers to sell to, and our goal is to help with that. Support promoters who participate in our VERIFIED GUN SHOW! program - know they are trying to take extra steps to make sure their shows are advertised accurately and helping the public feel more confident about showing up. It is a team effort, and we hope you will let us know how we can serve you and your customers better.
Gun Show Promoters and Organizers: Customer Satisfaction!
We may be new to your state, but we are not new to the gun show industry. We began our first state-specific gun show website back in 2008 and it became a resource the public used to keep up with shows in that state, dealers used as a planner to decide which shows to setup at, and promoters used it as a way to know what other promoter's dates were so they could better plan future shows. Our VERIFIED GUN SHOW! program offers a way to promote your shows while also trying to better serve the needs of your attendees and vendors.
Please Help us Serve You Better!
Tell Gun Shows "YOU SAW THEM online at!" whenever promoters ask, or whenever you contact a promoter who's shows are listed on our website.

Tell your friends and others about this website and the VERIFIED GUN SHOW! program - the more people who know about us and visit our website the better.

If a gun show promoter does not have their gun shows VERIFIED! through the VERIFIED GUN SHOW! program - please tell them it is important to you that they VERIFY their gun shows and work with us to make sure their gun show information is always accurate and up-to-date!


Gun show dealers and exhibitors - this website, along with our other state specific websites, can help you decide which shows you will participate in during the year. Our goal is to provide and maintain an accurate, up-to-date listing of gun shows throughout each state. This is also a valuable tool for the public to use in deciding which gun shows to attend - their time is important and they want to attend a gun show with confidence - we help with that. If you are aware of a gun show promoter who does not have their shows VERIFIED through the VERIFIED GUN SHOW! program at - please ask them to. If a promoter says they are doing saturation advertising and they don't participate in our program - they are not really doing saturation advertising and they are not trying to take care of their client's needs - the attending public and gun show exhibitors who come to our website looking for reassurance that a show is taking place.

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